INT: The Ruins chicks!

How can you not be massively in love with Jena Malone? From DONNIE DARKO to her recent turn in INTO THE WILD, she is not only a very solid actress, but just painfully adorable to look at. Add to that the absolutely drop dead beauty of Laura Ramsey and you’ve got yourself a double bill that nobody could resist. Both are talented and quite beautiful. And Ms. Ramsey shows some major skills as the put upon Stacy in THE RUINS. She gives a damn fine performance, as does the rest of the cast.

When I sat down with Laura and Jena at the best restaurant in Los Angeles (at least one of my favorites), Lucy’s El Adobe, I was a little nervous meeting them face to face. First off, I really am a fan of Jena, and had, in fact, watched INTO THE WILD again a few nights before. I really do love her work in that. And as for Laura, imagine a girl as beautiful as that being unbelievable warm and sweet. It was an absolute pleasure talking with both of them about their characters in THE RUINS. And in case you hadn’t noticed, come this Friday, you can see THE RUINS for yourself.

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