INT: The Ruins guys

One of the first things that gained my attention when I heard about THE RUINS was the cast. Each one of the young folk fighting for their lives in the ruins seemed to be a terrific choice. Seriously, did you catch Jonathan Tucker on that "Law and Order: SVU" episode? He also rocked it in THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake. The man can act. And speaking of guys who can act, Shawn Ashmore was very cool as Iceman in the X-MEN franchise. Both of these guys are incredible talented and help make THE RUINS one of the stronger horror entries to come out for awhile. Are you afraid of plants?

When I sat down across from Jonathan and Shawn at my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles, Lucy’s El Adobe, I had a terrific time. Aside from the constant noise from Melrose traffic, and having to “hold” the interview, it was still a whole lot of fun. These two are funny and talented dudes with really dreamy eyes… wait a second… did I just write that??? Jena Malone…… Jena Malone… Laura Ramsey… Laura Ramsey… must…… get… over… this… Okay, I’m better now, but those eyes… in the same interview… As I was saying, the guys were very nice and offered up a whole lot of goodness with what it is about THE RUINS that makes for a fun time at the Cineplex. And you can check it out this coming Friday at a theatre near you.

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