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You can't possibly think horror and not mention such films as NEAR DARK and THE HITCHER. Both could easily be considered classics and both are wonderfully written. They seem to have inspired many other films within the horror genre. Hell, THE HITCHER was flat out remade, but it is not even close to the film that the original was. The man behind both of these films is ERIC RED.

Red shooting a scene from 100 FEET!

Not only does he contribute to Arrow In The Head via his THE RED CORNER BLOG (formerly the 100 FEET BLOG), he is also a talented writer/director who takes on very real and utterly human characters… even when they happen to be vampires. His latest film 100 FEET is a creepy thriller that takes the haunted house theme to a new level. And it is made even stronger by Famke Janssen as a woman put under house arrest for killing her abusive husband, who ultimately returns to haunt her.

Red and our very own John Fallon aka The Arrow aka Boss!

I've always had respect for Eric Red, and when me and my cameraman Rusty arrived at his home, he made us both feel very welcome. It was a wonderful chance to talk about some of his past films, including another favorite of mine, BLUE STEEL. We talked about 100 FEET and some other films that he is working on. The man seems to be constantly writing, and I love the idea of him taking on a Jack Ketchum novel. Absolutely, Mr. Red fits very nicely into our column Time Out With Horror Legends and it was such a pleasure being able to chat with him. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next. Ladies and gentlemen… Mr. Eric Red.

Let me know what you think? What is your favorite Eric Red flick? Mine is easily Near Dark.

Red on past and future films!


Source: AITH

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