Irish anthology film Night People hits VOD May 9th

The sci-fi horror anthology NIGHT PEOPLE was recently released in theatres in its native Ireland, and on May 9th genre fans around the world will be able to take in a viewing of it when it's released on VOD.

The feature debut of writer/director Gerard Lough, NIGHT PEOPLE centers on 

a pair of professional but badly mismatched criminals who break into a vacant house to carry out an insurance scam. Awkwardly thrown together with an hour to kill, they reluctantly start telling each other tall tales. One concerns two friends who discover a mysterious device that may be of alien origin. The more they learn about it, the closer to breaking point their friendship is pushed. The other is about an ambitious business woman who provides a dating agency for wealthy fetishists. She attempts to escape this shady line of work by taking on a new client who's habits may be of the vampiric variety.

Michael Parle, Jack Dean-Shepherd, Claire Blennerhassett, and Sarah Louise Carney star.

A poster for the film can be seen below, along with the trailer, which makes the film look like quite an entertaining and colorful experience.

Extra Tidbit: How does NIGHT PEOPLE look to you?



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