Irish horror film Citadel scores US release date

Kids these days are getting harder and harder to raise. When I was their age, my mom would give me a sack lunch and a back yard and that was all I needed to stay out of trouble. Nowadays we have to give ‘em everything they want-- X-Boxes and Playstations, Ipads and Iphones-- all just keep them from joining murderous gangs of feral youths.

Such is the threat in the CITADEL, an Irish/UK produced evil children chiller directed by up-and-comer Ciaran Foy. CITADEL played at South By Southwest this year, where it was picked up for US distribution by Cinedigm Entertainment and New Video post haste. The companies are now making good on their pick-up promise and have announced a limited release for the film on October 26.

Given the film’s unique evil kids/vigilante mash-up premise, gritty Irish suburban setting, and strong cast (led by IRONCLAD's Aneurin Barnard and GAME OF THRONES' James Cosmos) CITADEL seems poised to be the UK horror film of the year. Check out the synopsis, festival trailer, and some images below for a further taste of CITADEL’S murderous moppets, and remember: a spoiled child, while annoying, is still a non-feral child.

“The dilapidated suburbia of Edenstown casts a shadow over Tommy Cowley’s life. Trapped there by his agoraphobia since his wife was fatally attacked by twisted feral children, he now finds himself terrorized by the same mysterious hooded gang, who seem intent on taking his baby daughter. Torn between the help of an understanding nurse and a vigilante priest, he discovers that to be free of his fears, he must finally face the demons of his past and enter the one place that he fears the most…the abandoned tower block known as the CITADEL.”

Extra Tidbit: Jack Ketchum is no stranger to feral children, having helped adapt his books OFFSPRING and THE WOMAN into independent features. Still waiting for OFF SEASON to get made, though.



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