Is David Cronenberg on the short list to direct Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire?!

So we now know that Gary Ross is most definitely out for directing HUNGER GAMES sequel CATCHING FIRE. And we know it's because of the tight schedule to get CATCHING FIRE done before star Jennifer Lawrence (below) slaps on the blue for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS 2. But this thing still needs a director - and fast!

According to the LA Times Lionsgate are already on the hunt for a new helmer and you'll never guess who is on the short list... Well you probably would because of the title of this article but work with me here. The LA Times report that Lionsgate are eyeing David Cronenberg, Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, among others, for the CATCHING FIRE director's chair. Seriously? David Cronenberg (above)? Alfonso Cuaron? Man just by those three names alone my gut is telling me CATCHING FIRE is going to be pretty insane. In a very good way of course!

Now while Lionsgate are yet to settle on just one name it should be known that HUNGER GAMES author Suzanne Collins is a big part of the choosing process. Apparently the scribe worked closely with Ross on the first film and is much more interested in quality filmmaking than box-office prowess. With the studio planning on getting this shite started by August my guess is a director will be chosen sooner rather than later.

Of course as soon as we hear more on the inevitable HUNGER GAMES sequel we'll be right here to tell you about it!

Extra Tidbit: Who would you like to see step into the director's chair for CATCHING FIRE?
Source: LA Times



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