Is Halle Berry joining Samuel L. Jackson in The Blob?

Halle Berry

The Blob isn't a creature that does its creeping, leaping, gliding, and sliding at the quickest pace, but I wish the new remake of the 1958 classic THE BLOB would move along a little quicker. Simon West (EXPENDABLES 2, WHEN A STRANGER CALLS remake) has been attached to direct the film for over two years now, with Samuel L. Jackson signed on to star as a biochemistry professor who tries to thwart the titular monster. We're just waiting for it to head into production...

We've known for a while that Goldcrest Films will be co-financing THE BLOB, which will be produced by Richard Saperstein and Brian Witten. Now the website of production company Swengroup, whose previous horror offerings have included MAGGIE, SMILEY, and HANSEL & GRETEL GET BAKED, has been updated with the news that they are going to be involved with THE BLOB, too... And THE BLOB listing on their website has a very interesting piece of information in it.

In the "Cast" category of their listing, Swengroup didn't mention Samuel L. Jackson, but they do name a different star: X-Men member / Bond girl Halle Berry.

This is the first time we've heard anything to suggest that Halle Berry will be in THE BLOB, and if she has signed on within the last couple months that would be a very good sign that the project might finally be moving forward.

This version of THE BLOB has the following synopsis: 

When a band of miners uncover something hidden deep beneath the earth they unwittingly unleash a hideous creature beyond imagination. Now the townsfolk must fight back before it destroys everything. 

Berry's previous works in the horror and thriller genres include GOTHIKA, DARK TIDE, THE CALL, KIDNAP, and the television series Extant. I would love to see her add fighting the Blob to her list of accomplishments.

THE BLOB was also remade in 1988.

Halle Berry

Extra Tidbit: Who would you like to see fight the Blob?
Source: B-DSwengroup



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