Is Katherine Heigl stepping into the world of puppets for Happytime Murders?!

The last we heard on Brian Henson's THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS came way back in November 2010 when Cameron Diaz was eying a starring role in the thing. Wait a minute... November 2010?! Has it really been that long? Damn...

Well today we've finally got an update on the Muppet murder mystery thanks to the guys over at Variety. It seems Diaz is no longer interested in the project though another blonde-haired beauty might be. According to the site Katherine Heigl is now in final negotiations to join the noir puppet comedy. Mind you she's just in final negotiations so nothing is final just yet.

Personally I can't stand Katherine Heigl. She's a horrible actress and ever since calling KNOCKED UP sexist I've despised her. Here's a flick that made the chick a household name and she's bashing it. Not cool. And that doesn't even include the whole "Grey's Anatomy" mess. But of course, that's just my opinion. Maybe some of you out there actually like her... I have no idea why but I suppose it's possible. If that's the case then I bet you're digging this news.

Coming from a script by Todd Berger and Dee Austin Robertson, the rundown for THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS reads something like this:

THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS takes place in a world where puppets and humans live together, but the puppets are viewed as second-class citizens.

When the puppet cast of an 1980s kids TV show gets murdered one by one, a disgraced detective-turned-private eye puppet takes on the case.

I can dig it. IM Global are gearing up to bring THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS to this year's European Film Market so we should have more updates on this one soon.

Extra Tidbit: Katherine Heigl (above) also recently joined the thriller FACE BLIND.
Source: Variety



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