Is Max Brooks' vampires vs. zombies comic Extinction Parade coming to TV?

After the success of this years WORLD WAR Z, Max Brooks’ various zombie and now vampire comics and books have received a lot of extra-media attention and now it seems that one of them, the vamps-vs.-zombies series EXTINCTION PARADE, may be headed for the small screen, according to Bleeding Cool.

For those unfamiliar with the Avatar Press serial, EXTINCTION PARADE is set...

In a world where the zombie plague has put the human race on the endangered species list, another predatory undead species realizes that to stand by idly means the end of their food supply.

Vastly outnumbered by the zombie hordes, vampires descend into all-out subdead war, with humanity caught in the crossfire.

Sounds like it could be a pretty cool series if it gets the greenlight. According to the original article,the project "is currently in the process of being signed as a TV series for one of the most successful production companies in Hollywood", so perhaps we'll be hearing some news on the pilot moving forward soon enough.

Extra Tidbit: Have you ever thumbed through an issue of EXTINCTION PARADE? Think it's good material for a television show?
Source: Bleeding Cool



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