Is the Child Eater scarier than Freddy? Find out in March

Child Eater

On March 28th, MVD Entertainment Group will be giving a North American DVD, Digital, and VOD release to CHILD EATER, the feature directorial debut of Erlingur Thoroddsen. Based on a short film Thoroddsen made in 2012, CHILD EATER was inspired by the classic horror films of the 1980s and is described as "bloody good fun that harkens back to the golden age of slasher movies".

The synopsis: 

When little Lucas goes missing from his bedroom in the middle of the night, his babysitter Helen ventures out into the deep, dark woods armed only with a flashlight and a fierce determination to find the boy. Every step of the way, she's painfully aware of the rumors about these woods: This is the home of Robert Bowery, a serial killer who years ago came for children's eyes in order to keep himself from going blind. But Robert Bowery was stopped and killed. He's long dead. So why do the rumors persist, decades later? As Helen travels deeper and deeper into the woods, towards an abandoned and rotting petting zoo, she starts to realize that perhaps the stories are all true. Perhaps he's still out there. Unfortunately, Helen has no clue exactly what kind of horrors she's in for. The night has just begun.

Colin Critchley, Cait Bliss, and Melinda Chilton star, with Jason Martin as serial killer (and child eater, presumably) Robert Bowery.

Producer Perri Nemiroff mentions some of horror's greatest icons when discussing the inspiration behind the making of CHILD EATER: "Having grown up in the '80s, we're undeniably influenced by classic slashers like Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers, and also the tone of their respective films, particularly their ability to deliver powerful scares, but exhilarating and enjoyable ones, too. CHILD EATER is bigger, badder and scarier and really gave us the chance to subvert genre tropes and truly show horror fans things they've never seen before."

Eric D. Wilkinson, Director of Acquisitions at MVD, very favorably compares Robert Bowery to one of those icons in particular: "I too grew up on '80s horror and immediately fell in love with this movie. Robert Bowery is every bit as scary as Freddy Kruger and in some ways, even more so. After fans watch this film I'm willing to bet they will be sleeping with their closet lights on!"

It's very bold to compare your villain to Freddy in that way. We'll be able to find out just how scary Bowery is when CHILD EATER is released in a little over a month.

We shared the film's trailer a few months back. If CHILD EATER looks and sounds interesting to you, copies can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

Child Eater

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