Is youngster Tony Oller up for the lead role in the upcoming thriller Vigilandia?

The last update we got on James DeMonaco's VIGILANDIA came last week when we learned that Edwin Hodge was the newest name to join the picture. Well folks that casting news continues right along today with word that VIGILANDIA might have it's young star!

You see according to TheWrap young actor Tony Oller has been offered the lead role in VIGILANDIA. Oller (right) has yet to make a decision on the role but my guess is he'll be snatching this one up. He'd be crazy not to, right? Hell VIGILANDIA stars Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey! I'd be killing for a chance to star opposite the gorgeous Headey (below) so I'm sure Oller's official casting will make news any day now.

If Oller does sign on he'll be starring alongside Hawke, Headey, Hodge, Adelaide Kane and Max Burkholder. Universal's low-budget sci-fi romp is set to start filming next week on February 13th so expect a lot more updates on VIGILANDIA soon.

Extra Tidbit: Oller most recently tapped our genre in the Dennis Quaid flick BENEATH THE DARKNESS.
Source: TheWrap



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