It's Jackson Robert Scott to be a creepy Descendant

It Jackson Robert Scott

If child actor Jackson Robert Scott keeps racking up the horror roles, soon his number of genre credits will be higher than his age. Scott played ill-fated little Georgie in last year's IT, has also appeared in Fear the Walking Dead, and was given a prominent role in IT director Andy Muschietti's TV series pilot based on the Joe Hill comic boook Locke and Key. There's a good chance he'll show up in IT: CHAPTER TWO... and now he has landed a role in MGM / Orion Pictures' DESCENDANT.

Directed by THE PACT's Nicholas McCarthy and written by THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN's Jeff Buhler (who also wrote the initial draft of the upcoming reboot of THE GRUDGE), DESCENDANT centers on 

a young mother who, concerned about her 8-year-old son’s disturbing behavior, thinks something supernatural may be affecting him. 

Taylor Schilling is set to star as the young mother, and now Scott has joined her to play that disturbing 8-year-old.

DESCENDANT, which may be given a different title soon, is being produced by Tripp Vinson. Buhler is executive producing the film with Daniel Bekerman, Lisa Zambri, and Nick Spicer. 

Extra Tidbit: How does DESCENDANT sound to you?
Source: Deadline



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