It's official: Ryan Reynolds will be our new cinematic Highlander

Well gang, it's official. Ryan Reynolds is our new HIGHLANDER!

Word comes from TheTrackingBoard.com, essentially confirming what we asserted last month. Reynolds has long been considered the frontrunner to assume Christopher Lambert's mantle (that sound dirty?), doing so in Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's audacious retelling (which JCF is negotiating to write as well). Neal Moritz and Peter Davis are producing the film.

Reynolds will play Connor MacLeod, a Highlander who discovers he is one of a dwindling group of immortals who wander the earth and kill each other in combat for the final “Prize” – mortality.

Not sure how you feel, but if GREEN LANTERN taught us anything, it's that Reynolds isn't the most convincing of action heroes. Sure, he showed some acting chops in BURIED, but HIGHLANDER? Dude's got some heavy lifting to do in my opinion.

What says you? Reynolds the right man? If not, who'd be your ideal choice to play Connor MacLeod?

Extra Tidbit: Is Reynold's still knockin' boots with Blake Lively (above)? Lucky batch!



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