It's official: William Friedkin will give direction to Nic Cage in vigilante thriller I Am Wrath

It's officially good news folks...Nic Cage will perform under the direction of one Billy Friedkin!

Confirmation comes from Deadline, the same outlet that hinted at the same back in early September. Friedkin was merely "circling" the project then, but now seems wholeheartedly committed to I AM WRATH, a vigilante thriller in which Nic Cage goes batshit-bonkers.

In fact, Following the murder of his wife, Stanley (Cage) finds that the police are unable to catch the perpetrators. He uncovers a thick plot of police corruption and realizes that he will have to find justice on his own. As he awakens to the level of degradation of the people sworn to serve and protect, we get a little Rage in the Cage as he becomes a vigilante out to destroy those who abuse their power.

Cage doing a Charlie Bronson? From the guy who gave us THE EXORCIST, FRENCH CONNECTION,TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A., CRUISING and most recently KILLER JOE? If you're not stoked for that, get off my damn lawn! Seriously. Off!

Production on I AM WRATH starts this February, Lionsgate will distribute the Paul Sloan scripted flick.

KILLER JOE's Gina Gershon

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Source: Deadline



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