It's the Booze Talkin', Horror fans need to support original horror!

Is it fair to say that a majority of mainstream horror movies suck? Sure it is. We are all very aware of the complaints. Too many remakes, found footage flicks or watered down PG-13 stinkers are some of the usual issues. And unfortunately, they are legitimate. For every terrific wide release, we have a ton of crappy movies that wouldn’t frighten a three-year-old. You have OUIJA and ANNABELLE, or the recent THE BOY and THE FOREST, none of which offer genuine scares. And while the previous two did well, the weak showing of the last two makes me wonder if audiences are finally tiring of bland thrills. Now here is the question, are we so frustrated by it that we can do something about it? How much fault should the movie going public accept for bad genre flicks?

Studios have an advantage when it comes to horror movies. They are inexpensive to make, you can have a relatively unknown cast, and there is already a built in audience that will go see most everything that comes out. So it isn’t all that surprising you see some uninspired cinematic terror on screen. I think horror fans are a pretty loyal bunch. Hell, I know I am. When a new FRIDAY THE 13th comes out, I’ll be first in line. The same goes for pretty much every major franchise. However, the tide is turning. With the recent critical success of THE BABADOOK, STARRY EYES, SPRING and WE ARE STILL HERE, it has been proven - often enough - that you can make a serious minded horror film that is smart and original.

While independent horror has proven to garner strong word of mouth, last year one film found unexpected financial success. IT FOLLOWS made less than 15 million sure, but it was a HUGE profit for a tiny budget thriller. The film wasn’t even supposed to find the theatrical release it did, but it managed to buck the system and horror fans responded. With a stunning 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film proved that you can make a movie that will satiate critics as well as movie fans. IT CAN BE DONE! So while we know what to expect from most studio releases, we as genre fans have the opportunity to continue this trend. In fact, I think it is an obligation… at least if we want to see better releases hitting more than two theatres and a VOD release.

Let’s start with the upcoming period shocker THE WITCH. I’ve seen this marvelous flick, and it is exactly what many of us have been craving. It’s a hauntingly original work. There is rarely a jump scare, just a sense of dread that grips you like a vice. The cast is filled with mostly unknowns and character actors, and it is not found footage! This is a historical drama that crawls underneath your skin and lingers long after you’ve experienced it. And it is opening IN THEATRES on February 18th. Not VOD and not straight to Netflix or home video. This is the kind of flick that horror fans will respond to, but they need to go and see the damn thing in theatres.

Next up, in limited release, we have a little feature called NINA FOREVER. This strangely poignant and gory romance has shades of HELLRAISER, and perhaps RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD PART 3. If you are looking for a unique and creative horror film, NINA arrives in theatres this coming Friday. This is a sexy, adult and oftentimes disturbing tale of love, loneliness and even humor. The film manages to marry the comedy with a bit of terrifying heartbreak. While it may not be playing near you, it is one that genre fans should seek out. Why? Simply put, if we are willing to spend our hard earned dollar on fresh material, it shows the higher ups that we WANT great horror and not generic garbage.

Maybe it’s the booze talkin’, but horror fans need to fully support original horror. For all the crappy remakes and watered down scares, there is a whole world of great genre films being made. Thankfully, IT FOLLOWS proved that a studio can make some money on a modest budget and still actually give us something exciting and unique. This is our job as horror fans as well. Seek out movies like THE WITCH or NINA FOREVER. And more importantly, go to the theatre and watch them. The more attention we give movies like this, the better the chance we will continue to see quality scares on the big screen. So make it a point, go see these fine flicks because there is nothing like a truly creepy moviegoing experience shared with a likeminded audience.

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite indie horror flick?
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