It's the Booze Talkin: The future of horror is nostalgia!

It’s safe to say that nostalgia has always played a major part in the Hollywood machine. Maybe it’s a classic novel brought to life, or simply a story that reminds audiences of another time. Yet today, it appears that nostalgia has become smart business. It didn’t start with Stranger Things, but the critically acclaimed series presented solid evidence that we as a society are craving a different era when it comes to entertainment. From the old movie references to the wonderfully creepy synth score, this was a blast from the past that has become a pop culture phenomenon. Walking through a Target and finding the home video release presented in a classic “VHS package” is perhaps a sign that we are longing for the glory of the 80’s.

And then there was IT. When is the last time a horror film became a freaking blockbuster like that? While this particular genre has had a ton of successful releases over the past couple of years, but nobody expected this tale of Pennywise the Dancing Clown to earn nearly 700 million worldwide. Sure, some folks felt it wasn’t scary enough, but it was more than that. Watching these kids, living in that world, and referencing things that are so familiar to us… Fans responded. While I personally felt the movie was incredibly creepy, it was the cast that really brought it home. Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Chosen Jacobs and Sophia Lillis made the characters they took on feel like old friends. I was as much touched by the wonderful relationships between them, as I was freaked out by a fantastic performance from the impressive Bill Skarsgård.

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With the success of both IT and Stranger Things - this doesn’t even include a new STAR WARS flick receiving rave reviews, and the upcoming Steven Spielberg fantasy READY PLAYER ONE with a ton of iconic images and characters - we are about to see a whole lot more familiar tales brought to life. The question is, how many of the upcoming trips down memory lane will succeed? Like every trend, it will wear itself out after awhile. However, from the looks of it, we are only starting to see old horror TV shows and movies resurrected on a regular basis for a very long time.

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Growing up, many fans were first introduced to the scary stuff courtesy of the R.L. Stine series Goosebumps. While the 2015 Jack Black starring flick wasn’t a massive hit, it did well enough to warrant a sequel. And frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next one brings in a much bigger audience thanks to the current cinematic climate. If GOOSEBUMPS wasn’t your thing, perhaps you are looking forward to the big screen adaptation of the Nickelodeon anthology series ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? Paramount is betting that on October 11, 2019, fans will still want to experience a fun and familiar tale that will hopefully please fans. And don’t forget the big screen adaptation of SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK, courtesy of THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE director, André Øvredal.

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Is there anybody out there that wouldn’t recognize the famous Twilight Zone theme? Well, the man behind GET OUT sure does, and he is bringing all the frights back with a series reboot. The classic Rod Serling creation never seems to stay in hibernation, but according to the multi-talented Peele, we are ready for it. In a recent quote, Peele offered his reason for taking it on, and he may be right. “Too many times this year it’s felt we were living in a twilight zone, and I can’t think of a better moment to reintroduce it to modern audiences.” Thankfully, the original series smartly balanced satire with scares, and if GET OUT is any indication, Peele may just be the perfect filmmaker to bring it back.

Maybe it’s the booze talkin’, but IT and Stranger Things have opened the door for nostalgia driven projects. In a world where we have had remakes of nearly every great horror film, this isn’t necessarily a bold statement. Yet the huge success of both may be convincing filmmakers to return to the past more often when it comes to genre. Or at the very least, bringing back more spooky stories that we grew up with. I fully expect to see a Trilogy of Terror reboot - aside from the made-for-TV sequel in 1996. After all, the TruTV series At Home With Amy Sedaris presented a hilarious homage to it with their own version of that creepy little Zuni doll that terrorized Karen Black in the 1975 TV-movie - it’s the holiday episode if you want to check it out. Yes folks, nostalgia is likely to remain a major driving force when it comes to entertainment, and with hits like IT and Stranger Things, don’t expect it to fade all too soon because Hollywood has been reaping the benefits of familiarity for a very long time, and it won't be stopping now.

Extra Tidbit: Which of these familiar tales are you most looking forward to? Is there something that you loved as a kid that you'd like to see get the reboot treatment?
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