James Cameron set to film Avatar 2, 3 & 4 simultaneously, says Sigourney Weaver

How about Sigourney Weaver's recent resurgence?! Props to one of the all time great leading dames!

With recent turns in genre fare like PAUL, CABIN IN THE WOODS, and RED LIGHTS (due July 13th), Sigourney next turns her attention to the political TV series "Political Animals." And while it's nice to see her diversify, she isn't turning her back on pal Jimmy Cameron anytime soon. After-all, why would she after partaking in the most successful movie ever made?

On that note, in a new interview with Showbiz 411, Weaver confessed Cameron will be shooting AVATAR 2, 3, and 4 simultaneously...LOTR style. She said she doesn't know how long it'll take or how it'll all go down, instead amusingly stating “I just show up.” A lot of trust between her and Jimmy, no doubt.

With a lot on both of their plates, AVATAR 2 isn't expected until 2014, though reports have indicated it won't come out until 2015. Who knows about the other two.

We'll see...

Dream Weaver!

Extra Tidbit: Will filming all 3 flicks at once help or hurt?
Source: Showbiz 411



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