James Wan dishes on the state of the Insidious sequel

Who's up for another another trip into The Further? It seems INSIDIOUS director James Wan is, though not in the cash-grab capacity you may suspect. The director discussed the project while promoting his upcoming THE CONJURING at New York Comic Con:

“I think the sequel to ‘Insidious’ is kind of my reaction to Saw where for my own reason I wasn’t as involved in the sequels, and so I felt with Insidious, think it would be good to shepherd it and keep it more in track to the version I had when I made the first film so that it doesn’t detour too far. So yeah, I’m kind of working with Leigh on the story and the script.”

So future INSIDIOUS properties would explore the universe of The Further fuller? I think we can all get behind that. However, like the SAW sequels, Wan seems implying that he probably won't be directing the sequel himself (after all, "shepherding" and "directing" aren't the same thing). The director elaborated his views on catching sequel-itis:

“I never set out to make sequels to any of my films I direct. If they happen, that’s great because that means people out there love it and they want more of it, but I always felt with Insidious we created this really interesting world that we can explore more, and so even though we didn’t set out to make a sequel, I felt that there are stories still out there that could be told.”

INSIDIOUS (and THE CONJURING) star Patrick Wilson was also on hand to offer his thoughts on returning for a sequel:

“We’re still trying to figure out this Insidious sequel and then we should jump onto that. I think that will probably be the next big thing. I might find something small in between that I can dig into, but I’m happy being a Dad.”

So Wilson is certainly down, and Wan and Whannell will be overseeing the sequel. The only question is when this thing will finally happen. Given the success of the original, I'd suspect sooner than one might think. Talk back below with your opinions and ideas on an INSIDIOUS sequel.

Extra Tidbit: INSIDIOUS star Rose Byrne deserves the picture above. She's just that wonderful.
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