James Wan to produce Keith Donohue's The Boy Who Drew Monsters

In August we reported that James Wan might just be planning a giant monster movie in the near future. Well, this isn't that. But for the time being it's close enough for those waiting on tenterhooks to see where he takes his promise: New Line preemptively picked up the movie rights to Keith Donohue's 2014 novel THE BOY WHO DREW MONSTERS, which will be produced by Wan and Michael Clear under Wan's Atomic Monster label.

THE BOY WHO DREW MONSTERS centers on a 10-year-old boy who suffers from Asperger’s as well as agoraphobia. But he also develops the ability to bring to life whatever he draws, which unfortunately happens to be monsters.

The boy’s best friend, his parents and a priest’s housekeeper figure into the story as they all try to help the boy in a book that is described as part drama, part ghost story and part creature feature.

No director or cast has been announced yet, but this property sounds utterly perfect for wan, who has made a name for himself by tossing classic genres into the blender and making unspeakably cool films out of them. THE CONJURING was a haunted house/possession/evil doll/biopic and INSIDIOUS and its sequel brought together ghosts, demons, psychic phenomena, SUSPIRIA visuals, and BABY JANE antics. It's right in his wheelhouse, to say the least. Side Note: James Wan should totally direct a horror comedy Western. Just saying.

More on this story as it breaks!

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