Jamie Lee Curtis announces her first and last convention appearance with video

We at Arrow in the Head typically shy away from convention news, but this is too big not to report. It seems Jamie Lee Curtis, star of HALLOWEEN, THE FOG, and TRUE LIES, will be making her first and ONLY horror convention appearance at Horrorhound Weekend Indianapolis, November 17 through the 18th. If that text alone isn’t enough to entice you, Mrs. Curtis herself has made a video introduction to promote the event (below).

Now, before you Schmoes go and think this will be a signing like any other, let it be known this is a pay-in-advanced sort of thing. As a “one time only” event a dearth of stipulations accompany her involvement. Here are the big ones:

The only way to obtain Jamie Lee Curtis' autograph will be via pre-paid autograph vouchers which will be sold online at www.horrorhound.com prior to the event. Autograph tickets will NOT be sold at the show, the day of the event. Days in which autograph tickets will be available will be prominently promoted online at www.horrorhoundweekend.com and via our HorrorHound Weekend Facebook page prior to availability. Autograph vouchers… will be sold online at the price of $80 per. Vouchers will be limited to two per person. One voucher can be redeemed for one autograph. No more than two vouchers (i.e. two autographs) will be allowed per-person.

Now if you don’t have the bread for an autograph, you can still attend an hour-long onstage panel with the actress scheduled Sunday, November 18th. Tickets for that are $10 and, of course, first come first serve. As a guy who’s hesitant to dole out such a huge sum for any autograph, the panel alone would be enough to justify going.

However, if I were to drop such a sum I would at least be satisfied in know that my $80 was going to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. That’s right-- Mrs. Curtis is donating all of her convention proceeds to charity. What a gal! This is win-win across the board, guys. We get Laurie Strodes’ signature, see her do an interview panel, and our money goes to a great cause. What better way to spend a November weekend is there? Check out the video below to hear the scream queen supreme’s own take on the event and keep check Horrorhound for further details.

Extra Tidbit: Are you Midwest Schmoes down for this signing? I live about two hours away from Indianapolis and am not sure I can pass it up...
Source: Dread Central



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