Jane Levy joins Glenn Close in zombie comedy Sea Oak

Jane Levy

Already a horror fan favorite due to her roles in Fede Alvarez's DON'T BREATHE and EVIL DEAD 2013, Jane Levy is making it clear that she has no intention of leaving the genre anytime soon. She stars in the upcoming energy drink zombie movie OFFICE UPRISING, has signed on for one year of work on the Stephen King/J.J. Abrams Hulu series Castle Rock, and has now also signed on to co-star with Glenn Close in the Amazon series Sea Oak.

Described as "a mix of zombie drama and family revenge comedy", Sea Oak 

revolves around Aunt Bernie (Close), a meek, unmarried woman with no children in working-class Rust Belt City who dies tragically in a home invasion. Compelled by sheer force of dissatisfaction, she comes back from the dead full of rage and determined to get the life she never had. She proceeds to inflict a range of demands on what's left of her nuclear family, including a quasi-stripper nephew and two feckless nieces, who live in a low-end subsidized hellhole of a housing complex called Sea Oak.  

The pilot episode was written by George Saunders, based on his short story. It's not clear who Levy will be playing on the show, but odds are she'd be one of those "feckless nieces".

Since this is an Amazon series, that means the pilot will be made and then be available for viewing on the website. If the audience responds positively, more episodes will be made. If not, it will end at the pilot. Like the Zombieland show did.

Sea Oak sounds like fun to me, so I hope it lives up to that potential. The casting of Close and Levy is definitely a good sign.

Extra Tidbit: How does Sea Oak sound to you?
Source: Deadline



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