Jane Levy, star of the Evil Dead remake, talks a bit about her role in the film

Say what you want about the EVIL DEAD remake heading down the pike. The shite's happening and happening fast. You can either embrace it for what it is and hope it turns out good, or you can turn your back on it forever. I'm still somewhere in the middle at the moment, although some new comments out of star Jane Levy have me leaning toward the former camp. Peep it...

While talking with the Marin Independent Journal, Levy had this to say regarding her role in THE EVIL DEAD:

"For a while, whenever I was asked what my dream role would be, my answer was always to play a killer or a psychopath...I get to do that in this movie, although I'll be possessed while I destroy my victims. So basically, it's a perfect job."

Levy continued with:

"I really wanted to work on "Evil Dead" because of how different it is from "Suburgatory." I guess that's my main goal in this industry, to work on different stuff and to play a wide range of characters. That process of creating a new person is so fun for me. I love the initial makeup/hair tests before the start of a new job; I'm always campaigning for a new hair color or length, anything to look as different as possible.

This role also intrigued me because of how much I will learn, mostly technical stuff like special effects. That's fascinating to me. I had to get my body "casted" for this role so they can make me prosthetics. That process entailed getting your whole body covered in green goo, like the stuff they put in your mouth for a tooth casting, and then being papier-mâchéd. It was the coolest thing ever."

Green goo? What is this TROLL 2? Nah, that's actually my favorite part of the quote. You can never have too much green goo. Ever!

THE EVIL DEAD is due April 12, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Levy (pictured) will be seen in FUN-SIZE this fall.



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