Jason Blum producing haunted house series at ABC

Haunted houses continue to be big business at the box office, so why not bring them to the small screen as well? Last week we told you that Syfy was working on a series about an ominous house, and now we're about to let you know that ABC is doing the same - with a man who knows a thing or two about the subject, Jason Blum (producer of INSIDIOUS, SINISTER and the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movies).

Unfortunately, the network isn't spilling the beans regarding this series' plot; we don't even know its title. All we know is that Warner Bros. TV is producing alongside Blumhouse Productions, and it's being described as "unscripted". Does that mean it's a reality show? Probably, but since it's on a major network, that could mean there's more to it than your standard "ghost hunters" schtick. (Maybe a competition series where people have to spend the night in different "haunted" houses? Just a guess.)

ABC and Blumhouse partnered on a horror TV show a couple of years ago with the Oren Peli-created "The River". That did not go so well, so here's hoping Mr. Blum has better luck this time around.

INSIDIOUS star Rose Byrne

Source: THR



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