Jason Momoa & Merritt Patterson sign on for werewolf thriller Wolves

Well it was just a matter of time, wasn't it? I'm talking about genre regular Jason Momoa in a werewolf flick. I mean glance on over to the right and look at the dude! He doesn't even have to put any make-up on and he's already one of the best werewolves I've ever seen. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

You see earlier this month we told you about a new werewolf thriller heading our way from writer/director David Hayter called WOLVES. At the time all we knew as far as cast went was that youngster Lucas Till would be headlining this beast, pun absolutely intended. Now thanks to Variety we've got two more names joining the project: Jason Momoa and Merritt Patterson.

There's no word on who Momoa and Patterson (below) will be playing but we do have a rundown for you guys. Check it:

Story centers on an 18-year-old (Till) who's forced to hit the road after the death of his parents and finds his way to an isolated town to hunt down the truth of his ancestry -- giving rise to the question of who's hunting whom.

WOLVES is set to start filming this Fall in Toronto so I'm sure a lot more updates on this one will be rolling our way as we near the year's end.

Extra Tidbit: I'd love to see Edgar Wright tap a werewolf flick....
Source: Variety



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