Javier Botet is a nasty hidden houseguest in this Two Pigeons clip

Javier Botet is becoming one of hottest, most well-known names in horror recently. Might I dare say he is the new Doug Jones. Can there be a "new Doug Jones"? Huh. Well, if there can be, then Javier Botet is that guy.

You know his work from such films as The Crooked man in THE CONJURING 2, a character called "Nightmare Character" in THE REVENANT, along with roles in such flicks as CRIMSON PEAK, [REC] among others. Botet also provided the motion capture work for the ALIEN: COVENANT flick.

Today we have a new clip from the "dark comedy with a sinister streak" TWO PIGEONS to share with you. It features Botet being an all-around nasty motherf*cker. You'll see.


An oily, amoral estate agent is preyed upon by one of his victims, who quietly moves into his flat and, unseen, begins a deliciously malicious campaign of revenge. Two Pigeons is a dark comedy with a sinister streak.

TWO PIGEONS is directed by Dominic Bridges, from a script by Dominic Bridges and Rae Brunton. The films stars Javier Botet, Mandeep Dhillon, Michael McKell. It just played at SXSW this week.

We'll let you know when we hear anything about the flick's further release.

Extra Tidbit: Javier Botet also plays The Leper in STEPHEN KING'S IT.



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