Jeepers Creepers comic book series coming from Dynamite Entertainment

Jeepers Creepers 3 Jonathan Breck

While I'm not a fan of the man who created him, I do think the Creeper of the JEEPERS CREEPERS franchise is a cool horror villain. After protests seemed to have a significant impact on the release of JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 last year, or maybe it was the sub-par quality of the film that did that, I'm not sure we'll ever see another Creeper movie from writer/director Victor Salva... But it would be interesting if the creature could live on without the stigma of its creator weighing it down.

The first step toward that happening is the JEEPERS CREEPERS comic book series that's set to be published by Dynamite Entertainment.

Written by Marc Andreyko, with art by Kewber Baal, the series tells the following story: 

Grad student Devin Toulson is writing his dream thesis on Myths in American History, but when his research takes him on a journey reaching back centuries, Devin finds something horrifying. Something that crosses cultures, locations, and eras. Something that returns for a bloody feeding every 23 years. Will this young man’s investigation uncover simply an urban legend or will he come face to face with an immortal monster that has terrorized humanity from the shadows since man first walked the country?

The first issue of JEEPERS CREEPERS reaches store shelves in April, and I will be picking up a copy to see what it's like when someone other than Salva crafts a Creeper story.

The comic will be available with multiple different covers, and you can see them below.

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