Jeepers Creepers director to helm vampire flick Purgatory

You guys will probably best recognize Victor Salva as the man behind the JEEPERS CREEPERS flicks, and now it looks like he will be tackling the vampire genre with Cat and Mouse Films' upcoming indie horror flick PURGATORY. We don't know much about this one just yet but the script was written by Denis Faye, and centers on:

a washed-up sheriff and an English vampire hunter who team up to stop a clan of vampires from destroying an isolated, weapons-free town in the middle of the nowhere in 1892 New Mexico.

The vampire genre is more popular than ever right now so hopefully Salva has plans to bring something new to the genre. Westerns and vampires go pretty damn good together so he at least has that going for it! We'll keep you guys posted on this one. Cat and Mouse Films' Nick Sternberg and Jesse Felsot are producing.

Gina Philips starred in 2001's JEEPERS CREEPERS

Extra Tidbit: Are you guys excited to see Salva tackle a vampire western?
Source: THR



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