Jeffrey Dean Morgan returns to Supernatural for episode 300

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Supernatural

Just a couple weeks ago, we shared a quote from actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who's best known these days for playing Negan on AMC's The Walking Dead) in which he said he would return to another popular genre television show he has worked on, The CW's Supernatural, "If the story was right."

The right story has been found much sooner than expected, because it has been announced that Morgan will be appearing in the 300th episode of Supernatural, which is titled Lebanon and is scheduled to air on Thursday, February 7th.

On Supernatural, Morgan plays John Winchester, the father of the show's demon-hunting stars Sam and Dean (played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles). Morgan has previously worked on 12 episodes of the show, with Lebanon being his 13th. Morgan hasn't filmed a new scene for Supernatural since season 2, although he did make a vocal cameo in a season 3 episode.

Supernatural is currently in its 14th season. 

There's no word on what John Winchester will be doing in Lebanon, but Supernatural executive producer Andrew Dabb had this to say about Morgan's return: 

We’re incredibly excited to have Jeffrey back for this milestone episode, and think fans will love what we have planned for his character… and a few other surprise guest stars."

I am a fan of Supernatural, but just started watching the show last year and am only up to season 6 so far. So I haven't been waiting for Morgan to reprise the role of John Winchester for nearly as long as most fans have, but I am glad to hear that he'll be doing so.

Morgan has the script for Lebanon in hand, and proved it by sharing a picture of the script on his Twitter account.

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