Jennifer Blanc and Michael Biehn's The Night Visitor coming to North America

Blanc/Biehn Productions, the company ALIENS star Michael Biehn runs with his wife Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, has landed a distribution deal for Blanc-Biehn's directorial debut THE NIGHT VISITOR and its follow-up THE NIGHT VISITOR 2: HEATHER'S STORY with Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada. This deal includes digital releases throughout North America and home video releases for the films in Canada.

Starring Brianne Davis, Gary Cairns, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Mark Gantt, Vedette Lim, Hudson Pischer, and Tara Buck, THE NIGHT VISITOR has the following synopsis:

When a suburban couple hires a new age spiritualist to help with their troubled marriage, her advice to video their lives 24/7 to help reunite the family, turns out to reveal their son is having conversations with an unseen entity, calling itself the Night Visitor.

Like Blanc-Biehn on the first, Brianne Davis made her directorial debut on the already-completed sequel, a "parallel story" which

focuses on a young girl who possesses special abilities and must protect her family — and the planet — from an otherworldly being.

Returning cast members were joined in HEATHER'S STORY by Caitlin Carmichael and medium/television star Chip Coffey.

Release dates have yet to be set for the NIGHT VISITOR films. 

The found footage aspect is off-putting to me, as that approach usually is, but the "demented alien" angle and the fact that this is a ready-made franchise I do find intriguing. I'll probably take a look at these movies once Anchor Bay Canada makes them available.

Unfortunately, Jake Dee wasn't impressed when he got to see THE NIGHT VISITOR last year.

Brianne Davis

Extra Tidbit: Any interest in the NIGHT VISITOR duology?



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