Jennifer Lynch targets another serial killer with A Fall From Grace

Jennifer Lynch (HISSS) loves those wacky psychopathic killers. The lady's latest foray into the mind of a madman comes with A FALL FROM GRACE, which is scheduled to be her next directorial effort.

A FALL FROM GRACE focuses on a homicide detective tracking a serial killer along the Mississippi River who burns his victims.

Lynch co-wrote the screenplay with Eric Wilkinson, who will produce with Apothecary Films partner David Michaels. Filming will take place in St. Louis.

Ms. Lynch is no stranger to the mad killer genre, having made the creepy SURVEILLANCE and, more recently, CHAINED, which stars Vincent D'Onofrio as a serial murderer.

“It has been an incredible process, writing this piece,” says Lynch. “I’m not sure what demons of my own I may have been exorcising, or if I simply felt more challenged by such a darkness. But I truly feel something intense and different was at work here.”

A FALL FROM GRACE will most likely come out in 2013.

HISSS star Mallika Sherawat

Extra Tidbit: Jennifer Lynch is David Lynch's daughter... but you most likely knew that.
Source: THR



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