Not My Chucky: Jennifer Tilly reacts to Child's Play trailer

The trailer for director Lars Klevberg's (POLAROID) CHILD'S PLAY remake starring Aubrey Plaza as Andy's Mom, Brian Tyree Henry as Mike and Gabriel Bateman (LIGHTS OUT) as Andy hit earlier today - you can check it out if you somehow missed it below. I dug the trailer for what it was and I'm looking forward to checking out the movie when it creeps and crawls (and stabs and maims) it's tiny-ass into theaters this summer.

But what do the people who are still involved with Don Mancini's Chucky timeline think of the trailer? Well for one, Jennifer Tilly isn't impressed. The actress - and her Tiffany doll - took to Twitter to let us all know that they will be sitting this one out. Meaning I guess they will not be seeing the movie.

Check out her tweet below where she writes:

New “Chucky” movie? Ummm...no. Tiffany and I are gonna sit this one out.

I totally get why the Don Mancini crew is all up in arms about this remake. It's one thing to remake/reboot a franchise that has been dead for years (or in the process of dying a slow death) but to reboot the CHUCKY movies when they are still going so strong - and spawning a TV series while they're at it - is a B.S. move. But... that means little to us here on the ground floor of horror entertainment. After all, more Chucky is more Chucky in my eyes.

Now if this remake STOPPED Mancini and friends from making more Chucky flicks and shows then I'd be over the blood moon pissed. But that's not the case so... fair enough, I say. What do YOU think? Let us know below!

The upcoming remake's official synopsis reads:

A mother (Plaza) gives her son (Bateman) a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature.

The remake is directed by Lars Klevberg (POLAROID) from a screenplay written by KUNG FURY 2 writer Tyler Burton Smith with STEPHEN KING'S IT producers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith producing. Aaron Schmidt and Chris Ferguson executive produced. Beatrice Kitsos, Ty Consiglio, and Carlease Burke co-star. CHILD'S PLAY stalks and slashes its tiny terrifying ass into your local multiplex come June 21, 2019.

Source: Twitter



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