Jerry Smith wants to remind you that Love is Dead with his new Kickstarter

Jerry Smith Love is Dead Tristan Risk Ruben Pla Aaron Thompson

Now obviously, everybody here at Arrow in the Head is a horror journalist, so when we see one of our own is asking for help, we've got to pay them props. Jerry Smith, editor-in-chief of Icons of Fright and contributor to Blumhouse.com, Fangoria, Delirium among others is now running a Kickstarter campaign for his new film LOVE IS DEAD.

Inspired by a potentially fatal experience in Smith's past, LOVE IS DEAD revolves around a men's support group, who meet once a week to tell their stories of lost loved ones, and various other stories of lives gone wrong. Peter, a member of the support group, shares an emotionally violent story of his lost wife.

Says Smith: 

I've always been fascinated by how dangerous words can be, and wanted to make a film that illustrated that sometimes we can damage others with our words, just as much as any knife or hatchet.

That's a concept that definitely sounds like it needs to be explored, and he's already assembled a killer cast.

Peter will be played by adult film star Aaron "Small Hands" Thompson in a rare dramatic turn, his wife Mara will be portrayed by Tristan Risk (AMERICAN MARY, THE EDITOR), and the leader of the support group will be Ruben Pla (INSIDIOUS).

They're already more than halfway to their $5,000 goal, so if you want to kick in a couple bucks it would be much appreciated! CLICK HERE to donate, and make sure to read through the descriptions of all your awesome potential prizes, which is some of the funniest promotional writing I've seen in a while.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be donating to LOVE IS DEAD?



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