Jigsaw's Brittany Allen joins Taylor Schilling in Descendant

Jigsaw Brittany Allen

Actress Brittany Allen is no stranger to genre work, having faced zombies in DEAD BEFORE DAWN and IT STAINS THE SANDS RED, battled aliens in EXTRATERRESTRIAL, and played dangerous games in INCONTROL and the SAW sequel JIGSAW. Next up she'll be venturing into the "creepy kid" sub-genre for a role in THE PACT director Nicholas McCarthy's new film DESCENDANT (which may get a title change on its way to the screen.)

Allen joins Taylor Schilling and Jackson Robert Scott in the cast. The script, written by THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN's Jeff Buhler, follows 

a young mother who, concerned about her 8-year-old son’s disturbing behavior, thinks something supernatural may be affecting him. 

Tripp Vinson is producing DESCENDANT for MGM / Orion. Executive producers are Buhler, Daniel Bekerman, Lisa Zambri, and Nick Spicer.

Allen is no stranger to genre work, but I am a stranger to most of the work she has done - of the movies listed above, the only one I've seen is INCONTROL (which I reviewed for AITH). I need to check out the other ones sometime.

Extra Tidbit: Are you interested in DESCENDANT?
Source: Deadline



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