JJ Abrams & Edgar Wright hatch sci-fi thriller Collider, Mark Protosevich to write

So who's a better filmmaker: JJ Abrams or Edgar Wright?

While you tough that one out, take note the two gentlemen will be joining forces on a sci-fi thriller called COLLIDER for Paramount. Details for the project, like most of Abrams' work, are being tightly sealed, at least for now. We do know the two have been joined by Mark Protosevich (I AM LEGEND, OLD BOY), who is onboard to write the script from a concept bred by Abrams and Wright.  The latter will direct.

I guess outside of speculating on the premise, we can wonder when this sucker will get made. We know how busy Abrams is, especially with STAR TREK 2 in the works. Wright is prepping THE WORLD'S END with Pegg and Frost, so he may take awhile to get COLLIDER off the ground. Hopefully word comes down soon!

More on COLLIDER to follow...

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Extra Tidbit: For the record, I enjoy Wright's movies more!
Source: Deadline



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