Joan Allen uncovers domestic horrors in Stephen King's A Good Marriage

Back in May, word dropped that Stephen King's novella A GOOD MARRIAGE was being adapted to the big-screen by TRUMBO director Peter Askin. Well, here comes the damn bride!

THR has it that the lovely Joan Allen (shown) has agreed to star in A GOOD MARRIAGE, doing so in a lead that's said to offer great range. With King having written the screenplay as well, I'm willing to bet all the nuance and shadings of the character will be retained, if not heightened. Could be a plum role for Allen, no doubt.

Speaking of, Allen will play Darcy Anderson, who discovers her husband has been keeping an especially terrible secret for years. What happens when, on a perfectly ordinary evening, all the things you believed in and took for granted are turned upside-down? What do you do and who do you call on when you discover that your good marriage has been built on a nightmare foundation of torture and murder?

With A GOOD MARRIAGE poised to get going in mid-October, expect more casting to come down soon.

Extra Tidbit: Gotta favorite Allen role?
Source: THR



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