Joe Bob Briggs hosts a 24 hour marathon on Shudder in July

Joe Bob Briggs

We shared the news back in April that iconic movie host / drive-in fanatic Joe Bob Briggs would be bringing back his old MonsterVision set-up with a 24 hour marathon on the streaming service Shudder. At that time, the marathon was expected to happen this month, but it ended up being pushed back a bit to a very appropriate date - a Friday the 13th.

Joe Bob has announced that his marathon is officially scheduled to begin on the evening of July 13th. Here's the message he sent out: 

I'm gonna put on the black hat, polish the belt buckle, dust off the Lazy-Boy recliner, and settle in at the trailer house for my movie-hosting farewell tour... 13 movies starting on Friday the 13th this July on Shudder, the streaming service owned by AMC.

It'll kick off at 9pm ET (6pmPDT) on Shudder, and we're going dusk to dawn til almost dusk again. The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs is 13 movies on Friday the 13th with all the classic Joe Bob elements -- the trailer house set, a new Mail Girl, digressions, rants, offbeat celebrity interviews, the Drive-In Totals, and interruptions to talk about the movie. (We have commercial breaks on a network that has no commercials. Possibly a television first.)

The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs 
Friday, July 13 to Saturday, July 14 
(It might even bleed over into the 15th, just leave the screen on until you get sick of it.) 
Streaming on Shudder

Yes, unfortunately, he did say this is his "farewell tour". In fact, in the promo embedded below he says this marathon will be his last. That turns this joyous occasion into a bittersweet one, but it will be great to see Joe Bob back in action while it lasts.

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