Joe Bob Briggs will return to Shudder later this year

Joe Bob Briggs

This past Friday the 13th weekend, legendary movie host Joe Bob Briggs made his triumphant return with a marathon called The Last Drive-In on the Shudder streaming network. This marathon, which featured Joe Bob presenting the films TOURIST TRAP, SLEEPAWAY CAMP, RABID, THE PROWLER, SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA, DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS, BLOOD FEAST, BASKET CASE, RE-ANIMATOR, DEMONS, THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK, HELLRAISER, and PIECES, proved to be so popular that a lot of fans had a hell of a time watching it - so many people tuned in, Shudder's servers couldn't handle it.

Thankfully, the Joe Bob-hosted versions of those films have been saved on Shudder to watch be watched on demand.

And there's something to be even more thankful for: taking note of Joe Bob's internet-breaking popularity, Shudder has announced that they will be teaming with Joe Bob for another project before the year is out.

The Last Drive-In wasn't the last drive-in after all! We should have known; Joe Bob has always assured us that "the drive-in will never die".

I can't wait to see what Joe Bob and Shudder have in store for us.

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