Joe Lynch's Everly starring Salma Hayek gets Blu-ray release date

Want to take Salma Hayek home with you? Here's your chance! Joe Lynch's badass action thriller EVERLY - which finds the lovely Salma battling a horde of killer assassins - will debut on Blu-ray/DVD this April courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment and Radius TWC.

DVD and Blu-Ray special features include Creative Feature Commentary with Director Joe Lynch, Co-Producer Brett Hedblom and Editor Evan Schiff, Technical Feature Commentary with Director Joe Lynch and Cinematographer Steve Gainer, and "Silent Night" music video by Raya Yarbrough & Bear McCreary, directed by Joe Lynch.

Trapped in her apartment, Everly (Hayek) is forced to fend off waves of assassins sent by her former lover – a dangerous Yakuza mob boss who wants her dead after he learns she is no longer loyal to him. Desperate to be re-united with her mother and young daughter, Everly must fight to kill her attackers before they destroy her and her family.

EVERLY blasts onto home video April 21st. If you missed it, check out our interview with Lynch right HERE.



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