Joel Kinnaman compares Robocop remake to Prometheus

PROMETHEUS and the ROBOCOP remake: Two controversial topics in one tasty article!

Future Alex Murphy/Robocop Joel Kinnaman saw fit to join the two when talking up the remake in a chat with The Hollywood Reporter.

"We start shooting in September. It's going to be such a delight to work with Jose Padilha. There couldn't be a better director for this movie. It's gonna be a lot of action-futuristic stuff, but raise questions about what it is to be a human. Like Prometheus, which I just saw. I frickin' loved it. I'm so proud of [Prometheus actress] Noomi Rapace, who's a friend of mine."

PROMETHEUS is a touchy subject nowadays; everybody has a strong opinion on Ridley Scott's film. Like it or loathe it, most can probably agree that its basic questions of "who are we really?" and "what does it mean to be human?" are endlessly intriguing ones, even if PROMETHEUS' handling of them isn't your cup of alien goo.

Paul Verhoeven's ROBOCOP absolutely addressed these questions - in the director's own eccentric style, of course - and it makes sense that the remake focuses on them as well. What we don't want to see is a mindless product designed for action and glossy special effects; we'd like to think about the subject matter too. (Despite what Hollywood assumes.)

We'll find out what's on ROBOCOP's mind when it opens next August.

Extra Tidbit: Abbie Cornish (pictured above) is rumored to play Murphy's wife.
Source: THR



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