Johannes Roberts brings horror to L.A. at Thirteen O'Clock

The Strangers: Prey at Night

Director Johannes Roberts has THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT set to reach theatres on March 9th and is plotting a sequel to his shark thriller 47 METERS DOWN that will be titled 48 METERS DOWN, but before returning to shark-infested waters he's going to be directing a horror project called THIRTEEN O'CLOCK.

Bloody-Disgusting got the scoop directly from Roberts, who told them that THIRTEEN O'CLOCK is 

all set during Day of the Dead and it involves coffins and being buried alive.

When asked if that set-up means it's something along the lines of BURIED, staying with someone who's trapped underground, Roberts said, 

No, it isn’t. It’s all set in Los Angeles and goes all across Los Angeles."

Roberts will move on to 48 METERS DOWN after THIRTEEN O'CLOCK is completed, and describes the sequel as "THE DESCENT underwater" since it follows a group of cave divers, 

six or seven people trapped in the caves in Brazil, an underwater city."

I was hoping to see 48 move forward first, but THIRTEEN O'CLOCK sounds interesting. Whichever order they're made in, I'm totally on board to see both.

Extra Tidbit: How does THIRTEEN O'CLOCK sound to you?



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