John Carpenter creates new music theme for Shudder

This Halloween, Shudder will be hosting a 24-hour streaming marathon of legendary horror director John Carpenter's classic slasher HALLOWEEN. And if that wasn't cool enough, Carpenter has also created a new official musical theme for Shudder. Nice! Carpenter created both a two-minute version of the theme, appropriately titled “Shudder,” and a five-second version that will serve as the network’s official audio ID, or “moniker.” The moniker will accompany the Shudder logo animation that runs in front of movies and TV series.

Shudder GM Craig Engler:

We wanted to create a one-of-a-kind audio identity for Shudder and the first person we thought of was John Carpenter. We approached John and to our delight, he was enthusiastic about the idea and came up with an iconic theme that will enchant and thrill Shudder members every time they hear it.

The new theme will make its Shudder debut during the above-mentioned 24-hour HALLOWEEN streaming marathon, which will be available for free on Shudder TV’s live stream HERE. The new Carpenter-scored ID will run between airings of the film. How excited are you to tune into Shudder's 24-hour HALLOWEEN streaming marathon and listen to Carpenter's new Shudder theme? Let us know below! Until then, you can listen to both the five-second version that will serve as the network’s official audio ID or “moniker” below, along with the full two-minute version of the theme.

I don't know about you, but this news story had me at  24-hour HALLOWEEN streaming marathon on Shudder. I'm a man of simple tastes and I would have been more than happy to hear this was all that was going on between Carpenter and the horror streaming service. But an all-new Carpenter theme to boot? Hell yeah! Now we just need confirmation on that PRINCE OF DARKNESS series Carpenter said Shudder was working on...

Source: AITH



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