John Carpenter lends some Lost Themes to short film The Puppet Man

Director Jacqueline Castel recruited a master of horror to help her bring her short film THE PUPPET MAN to life, getting the legendary John Carpenter to both make a cameo in the short and provide some music for it.

THE PUPPET MAN stars musician Johnny Scuotto, who created the title character based on a puppet his father teased him with when he was a child. Model/photographer/author Crystal Renn makes her acting debut opposite Scuotto, playing one of the characters The Puppet Man terrorizes in a seedy, neon-lit dive bar.

Carpenter's cameo was shot in Los Angeles around Halloween, and involves the same model of station wagon featured in his classic HALLOWEEN.

The Carpenter music to be featured in THE PUPPET MAN are tracks from his recently released album Lost Themes, which makes sense since Lost Themes was put out by independent record label Sacred Bones, the same company that produced THE PUPPET MAN.

THE PUPPET MAN will be screening multiple times at the Sundance Film Festival next month. If you'll be in attendance and would like to catch it, keep an eye out for the listings that will be made public in January.

Here's hoping that THE PUPPET MAN will make its way online soon after, because I would really like to see it.

Extra Tidbit: Which track is your favorite of Carpenter's Lost Themes?
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