John Carpenter on the EFNY reboot, his fave Halloween shot, & Lost Themes II

The Hollywood Reporter was given the rare opportunity to speak with John Carpenter in this Halloweeniest of months, and they got some very valuable insights into the man's mind and the future of his art.

But first, the most important question: What's the director's favorite shot from his classic HALLOWEEN, the simple and elegant film which more or less kick-started an entire decade of horror?

That’s a great question. You know, frankly, it’s a shot near the beginning of the movie of an empty street and some leaves just sort of dropping in the foreground, and I think it says 'Haddonfield, Illinois' or something like that. I love that shot. There’s nothing to it.

It's interesting that, in a film jam packed with iconic shots, this is the one he chose above all else. It really speaks to his appreciation of the fundamentals of cinema rather than flashy, show-off filmmaking.

Even more intriguing, when asked if he was working on another film, Carpenter said:

Maybe. Working on a couple things. And have a new album coming out next year — we’re going to do another Lost Themes.

He was a little reluctant to divulge details on those potential projects, but another Lost Themes collection is an enticing prospect. Carpenter's simple, elegant compositions are finally getting the atention they deserve, and it serves as a consolation prize for those who won't be able to make it to Iceland to see him in concert in 2016. You can listen to a track from the current album here, while dreaming up wonderful possibilities for another glimpse into the man's twisted musical mind!

Moving on to projects that are currently in progress, Carpenter shared his thoughts on the upcoming ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK reboot:

I had nothing to do with that. No one told me about it. No one ever tells me anything. You have to understand that. It’s the story of my career. The producers are very nice people. They actually came to me and said, 'Well, we want you to be involved.' That was six months ago, and I haven’t heard anything since. That’s my story.

So, basically, if the film sucks we can't blame Carpenter in the slightest. But he seems supportive enough of the project, which is as good as a recommendation.

His thoughts on who should play Snake Plissken pretty much mirror those of every Carpenter fan:

There is nobody. I don’t know. I don’t think there is anybody who could play that part besides Kurt [Russell]. Better you don’t ask me.

And this wouldn't be a John Carpenter interview without some choice grumpy one-liners! Check it.

When asked if considered shortening the iconic six-minute fight scene from THEY LIVE:

Why would I want to do that?! Why would I want to shorten it? Oh, hell no! Any way to stretch it longer?

When asked if he is watching Jamie Lee Curtis' new show, Scream Queens:

Come on, please. I’m too busy watching basketball.

Check out the full interview (including his comments on HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH and his lawsuit with Luc Besson) right here!


Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite shot from HALLOWEEN?



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