John Hyams to direct thriller Alone, remake of Swedish film Gone

Mattias Olsson Henrik JP Åkessonm Gone

Back in 2011, Swedish filmmakers Mattias Olsson and Henrik JP Åkesson made their feature directorial debuts with the thriller GONE (or FÖRSVUNNEN), which was written by Olsson. Olsson has now written the screenplay for an English language remake of their film, which is being directed by John Hyams (UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: REGENERATION, UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING).

The remake of GONE is titled ALONE, and it stars Jules Willcox - an actress Hyams previously worked with on an episode of the television series Chicago P.D.

Moving Olsson's story from Sweden to the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, ALONE follows 

recently widowed Jessica (Willcox) who, fleeing the city in a desperate attempt to cope with the loss of her late husband, is kidnapped and locked away in a mysterious man’s cabin. Her escape from the clutches of this murderous captor land her in the heart of the untamed wilderness, with only her wits to rely on for survival as her pursuer closes in.

Willcox's co-stars include Marc Menchaca and Anthony Heald.

ALONE is produced by Jordan Foley and Jonathan Rosenthal through their company Mill House Motion Pictures, in collaboration with Paperclip Limited. This is the second film Hyams has directed for Mill House and Paperclip, the first being a comedy titled ALL SQUARE.

Since the MANIAC COP remake that Hyams was going to direct seems to have fallen apart, it's good to see him taking the helm of a different project that might appeal to fans of the horror and thriller genres.

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