John Travolta might play The Killer in 3D remake of John Woo's classic

It's no secret that John Woo's violent and brilliant crime thriller THE KILLER is being remade; we reported on it in January of last year when the deal was made official. But things have progressed slowly, leading some (like myself) to wonder if the project had gone into turnaround. But this latest piece of news proves THE KILLER still lives.

John Travolta is apparently “entertaining the possibility of doing” the remake, which will be directed by Korean helmer John H. Lee. Travolta said so himself at the Zurich Film Festival (via Screen Daily) yesterday while at a press conference for Oliver Stone's SAVAGES. No further information is available, although Korean actor Jung Woo-Sung (THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD) was attached when it was first announced.

Woo is producing the remake, and he and Travolta collaborated on BROKEN ARROW and FACE/OFF, so the casting - if it holds true - doesn't come completely out of the blue. Still, I'd like to think the filmmakers could do a little better in the "bad ass" department than Mr. Travolta, who might be getting too old for this shit.

What do you think?

Travolta's FACE/OFF co-star Dominique Swain

Extra Tidbit: Who would you cast as THE KILLER?
Source: Screen Daily



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