John Travolta stalks Devon Sawa in Fred Durst's Moose

Life on the Line John Travolta Devon Sawa

There have been rumblings in the past that Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst was going to be directing horror movies and thrillers. For example, at one point he was attached to bring SEVEN writer Andrew Kevin Walker's script PSYCHO KILLER to the screen. These darker projects never came to fruition, though, and so far Durst's feature directorial career has consisted of a drama (THE EDUCATION OF CHARLIE BANKS) and a kids' sports comedy (THE LONGSHOTS).

Durst is finally delving into genre work with his third film, MOOSE, which is currently filming in Alabama.

Written by Durst and Dave Bekerman, MOOSE is a thriller that stars John Travolta as the title character, 

a rabid movie fan obsessed with his favorite celebrity action hero. As Moose’s obsession grows stronger, his fixation turns from stalking to ambition of destroying the star’s life.

The story was inspired by Durst's own experience with a fan-turned-stalker.

FINAL DESTINATION's Devon Sawa plays the focus of Moose's obsession. Travolta and Sawa previously worked together on the 2015 film LIFE ON THE LINE (pictured above).

MOOSE is being produced by Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi of Ambi Media Group and Oscar Generale and Daniel Grodnik of Wonderfilm Media. Richard Salvatore, Kirk Shaw, Bret Saxon, and Jeff Bowler executive produce with David Gilbery and Charles Dorfman of Media Finance Capital.

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Source: Variety



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