John V. Soto's indie crime thriller The Reckoning gets a trailer

MEMENTO meets KALIFORNIA in John V. Soto's indie crime thriller THE RECKONING, a film we brought to your attention well over a year ago. At the time all we had to share with you guys was a measly plot synopsis and a poster, but not much else beyond that. Well, lucky for you guys, we got a lot more that a synopsis for THE RECKONING to throw your way as we just got our hands on the film’s official trailer. It's a fast paced trailer that offers an intense look at the film and only just starts to peel back the many layers of the murder mystery. It definitely looks pretty solid; dig it below and see for yourselves!

Starring Luke Hemsworth, Jonathan Lapaglia, Viva Bianca, and Hanna Mangan, THE RECKONING revolves around…

…a detective who discovers footage at a murder scene, shot by two teenagers, that provides clues to the identity of a killer. The teens have since gone missing, and as the detective retraces their journey, he soon uncovers a trail of deceit and murder that leads all the way back to him.

Robert Lundberg, Greg Coote, David Calvert-Jones, Roger Savill and Kim Savill produced.

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