Join Maggie and Lori in this The Walking Dead sneak peak for ep 2x10 from AMC

Another episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ has been and gone, looks like we’re in for quite a ride for the rest of the season if next week’s previews are anything to go by. Of course do not read ahead if you aren’t caught up, you can consider the following SPOILERS.

Episode 2x09 certainly made some turns, and character development, which is going to lead to some confrontations and serious decision-making. AMC have provided a new sneak peak for episode 2x10, featuring Lori and Maggie having a conversation. I do like the Maggie and Glen stuff, so far it has remained loyal to the comics and they are an important part of that. I hope they do keep on the right track with them.

The real cliffhanger last week was Lori and Rick and their conversation about Shane, group tensions are really at an all time high! Be sure to tune in Sunday for the episode!

Lori gives Maggie some relationship advice in this scene from episode 210. Catch the new episode Feb 26 at 9/8c.

Extra Tidbit: I think Lauren Cohan as Maggie might be my favourite new addition to Season 2 so far.
Source: AMC



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