Tonight! Halloween chat with The Arrow aka John Fallon!

UPDATE! This Halloween Chat with yours truly goes down tonight in the HORROR TALK CHAT-ROOM (select at the bottom of the chat page)! Hope to see all of your there! Details as to time and place below! I really wanna debate the HALLOWEEN franchise! So keep that in mind!

Hey boys, ghouls, gals and everybody else in between! Halloween will be upon us soon and I decided to do something different this year: A CHAT! Yup, get your drinks ready, put on your horror caps and come join me for an hour or so to talk horror movies, the macabre, your love life (you heard me, I will be all up in there) and Halloween talk! How do you join the party? Simple.

Head out to OUR CHATROOM on Tuesday, October 29 at 8PM EST time, if you're a MFC member, log in with your MFC username and password, if not, just join in as a guest! We will be in the HORROR TALK CHATROOM (select at the bottom of the chat page). Needless to say, nobody is there to get dissed or spat on (I get enough of that in my regular life), so lets keep it civil, we're there to have fun! I hope to see all of you there! Lets start this Halloween with a bang, a splat and lots of shots!




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