Jon Bernthal is faced with a deadly choice in Stingray

Jon Bernthal Stingray

Even though The Walking Dead is still a ratings bonanza, Jon Bernthal must be glad he got out when he did, because his career has been blowing up this year. His role as The Punisher on Netflix demands a lot of his time, but he's carved out a space on his schedule for STINGRAY, the upcoming thriller from Australian director Anthony Hayes.

Bernthal will be playing:

a young man caught up in organized crime who accidentally kills the brother of a powerful crime figure. He must then kill one of his own family in the next two days to pay off his blood debt.

That's the stuff of a legendary thriller, and I'm glad he's being given a shot at leading a crime flick like this, now that he's breaking into prominence once more.

Hayes co-wrote the script with his co-producers John and Michael Schwarz of Deeper Water. Production is scheduled to commence in Canada in April 2017.

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